(4*.) Blue Zushi

You might be drawn in by Blue Zushi’s captivating appearance, which welcomes you in with dense nugs and the unmistakable scent of pine, and diesel. You might pick up whiffs of earth and spicy herbal undertones as you pull the nugs apart, followed by that homey, wintry pine. They’re deep green and blue under bright orange hairs, kind of a match for the wintry smells you’ll be getting. Even the white trichomes trail off into a cold, light blue. The scent and appearance bring to mind winter mornings in the forested mountains, a great prequel to the uplifting high that awaits you. Those who lose their energy due to runaway stress would be particularly happy with the tingly body high at the end of Blue Zushi’s energetic journey. You’ll feel relaxed but not sedated. This strain offers your day a healthy dose of ease, which can be great for treating some mild conditions. You may feel it in the front of your head, but you won’t be knocked out.

Kush in Motion
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