(4*.) BlueBerry Master P

Blueberry Master P is a 100% pure indica strain created by breeders at the infamous So Cal Op farm in Tarzana, California. Although its breeders closely guard its genetics, cannabis experts generally agree that it is most likely a crossbreed of the Blueberry X Master P strains. The P might as well stand for "powerful" or "potent" – this drug boasts an impressive 22-25% THC level on average and definitely packs a punch. Patients describe the high as an immediate onset of a full-body stoned feeling that lingers, leading to intense couch-lock, lethargy, and laziness. This feeling of sluggishness is usually followed by slowly drifting into a deep peaceful and cathartic sleep. Because of these body and mind calming effects, Blueberry Master P is often used to treat conditions such as attention-deficit disorders, including ADD and ADHD, and sleep disorders, such as insomnia. Patients who suffer from other medical conditions prefer to smoke this bud at night to help ease them into a peaceful sleep.

Blueberry Master P buds are heart-shaped pale green, glistening with a frosty white layer of trichomes and covered in a thick layer of tan hairs. With a sweet berry taste that gives an earthy exhale and a spicy berry aroma, Blueberry Master P is just as succulent as it feels!

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