(4*) Lavender Cookies

This bud brings on the amazing aroma of both of its parent strains, fusing sweet cookies and fresh lavender with spicy woods and florals. The flavour is very fresh and sweet with a floral cookie taste that has a nutty pine aftertaste. Lavender Cookies buds havedark olive green nugs with amber undertones and hairs as well as a coating of lavender tinted crystal trichomes.

The Lavender Cookies high is just as powerfully addictive as its flavor, with effects that hit both mind and body. You'll feel a cerebral onset first that lifts your spirits and infuses you with a sense of creativity and a touch of energy. This effect quickly becomes hazy and introspective, leaving you spacey and a little bit stoney. As your mind drops off, your body will soon follow suit, lulling itself into a state of deep relaxation that can leave you feeling sedative and sleepy. Thanks to these effects and its high 20%+ average THC level, Lavender Cookies is said to be perfect for treating conditions such as chronic stress, depression, chronic fatigue, migraines or headaches, and glaucoma or eye pressure. 

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