(5*.) La Chocolat


This bud crosses two of DNA’s most popular strains, indica LA Confidential and sativa Chocolope. The result is a flavourful, potent bud that offers a solid balance of effects. If not won over by its relaxing properties, smokers are sure to be drawn to its complex, chocolate-tinged flavour. The flowers have a structure common to many indicas, with their leaves densely and tightly packed together. The leaves themselves are a medium shade of olive green with lots of pruple, and are twisted through with vibrant orange pistils. Translucent white trichomes cover the inner and outer nooks and crannies of these solid flowers, giving them a dewy sheen and making them very hard to break up without a grinder. When first inspecting buds of LA Chocolat, consumers may be struck by notes of cocoa and coffee, with a smooth, nutty undertone. Another whiff reveals some dank earthiness, possibly due to the influence of the Afghani in parent strain LA Confidential’s lineage. Meanwhile, grinding up or cracking open these flowers yields the rich odor of spice and hash. When combusted, LA Chocolat burns with a smooth and palatable smoke. There are suggestions of sweet cocoa on the exhale.

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