(5*.) Pink Runtz

Pink Runtz was originally bred in-house by CopyCat Genetics by crossing a Pink Panties clone to a reversal of Runtz.  Unlike most strains, Pink Runtz boasts over 30% in total cannabinoids. Its THC is anywhere from 30-33%, CBD from 1-2% and it's CBG content coming in at 1-2% as well. 

Pink Runtz isn’t shy visually, though, sporting a chroma of every rainbow color imaginable from its purple and blue leaves out to the dark pinks of its edges. Its trichomes come in thick as frost. The aroma is deep kush with a very subtle sweet pink undertone. When smoking there is a taste that lingers like sour candy, with a kind of zesty undertone. 

The thing that most draws people to Pink Runtz is what comes after a physical, tingly buzz that fights pain in your entire body. Kicking back on this strain, especially for people with muscle pain, can be an incredible relief. When you find yourself in stressful situations or need to kick that bad mood out the door, Pink Runtz is here to help! Pink Runtz is known to bring on the munchies too, so it can be very useful for people also trying to increase their appetite. 

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