Emerald Cut, renowned as "The Emerald Cut," is an indica hybrid strain masterfully derived from the iconic Fire OG and Emerald Diesel strains. Celebrated for its profound, soothing high and enduring effects, Emerald Cut stands as the quintessential nighttime strain to prime you for a restful evening. The onset of Emerald Cut's high envelops you gradually, immersing both mind and body in calming waves of deep relaxation. It steers your mind into a state of significant tranquility brimming with joy, while your body succumbs to complete relaxation from head to toe, anchoring you firmly to the couch or bed with its potent sedative properties. With an astoundingly high THC level averaging 37-38%, Emerald Cut is the go-to choice for alleviating a plethora of conditions including chronic pain, insomnia, cramps, muscle spasms, depression, and headaches or migraines.

Emerald Cut exudes a powerfully pungent dank aroma, make sure to keep the jar tightly sealed cause she reaks lol. The taste upon smoke is rich, reminiscent of a luxurious creamy kush mocha and hashy coffee enjoyed at the 5star GAS station. The buds of Emerald Cut are stunning, spade-shaped, and dark olive green with deep purple leaves, adorned with thick orange hairs and a lavish coating of white trichomes like icing sugar syrup.

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