Italian Ice, an unparalleled choice for indica aficionados, this strain offers a powerful high that stands out among its peers. Much like the delectable dessert it's named after, Italian Ice tempts with a sweet, creamy flavour profile, rounded off with an enticingly smooth gelato kush finish. Its aroma is equally alluring, featuring a bold kushy overtone subtly accented with spicy black tobacco and a hint of nuttiness. But don't be misled by the name - this is not just an exotic flavour or aroma strain. It's all gas, no brakes. The buds of Italian Ice are a visual delight - tightly packed, grape-shaped, emerald green nuggets with deep purple undertones. They're embellished with thin orange hairs and tiny, milky purple crystal trichomes, adding to their captivating appeal.

The high from Italian Ice is nothing short of extraordinary. It begins with uplifting overtones that elevate your mood and prime your mind for a restful sleep. The euphoric rush hits a few minutes after your last exhale, infusing your mind with a joyful sense of focus. However, be prepared to act quickly, as this focused state will gradually transition into a blissful, unfocused happiness that will soon induce a sedative, sleepy state. Italian Ice boasts an impressive THC level averaging between 36-38%, making it an excellent choice for alleviating a range of conditions, including chronic stress or anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and insomnia. Experience the unique blend of flavours, aromas, and effects of Italian Ice, and elevate your cannabis experience to unprecedented heights.

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