(5*) Tigers Milk

Tigers Milk is an excellent creation of Bodhi Seeds. It is an evenly balanced marijuana strain that has popular ancestors, including Appalachia and Bubba Kush. Buds have large and airy super leafy spade-shaped light green nugs with dark leaves, and indigo throughout exploding thick coating of cloudy crystal trichomes. It has a very unique flavour and aroma that is a mixture of butter, citrus and kush. At times, you can feel a hint of honey and earthy flavors in its taste as well. She is very exotic and not to be missed out on when she is in stock.

 Tigers Milk is excellent for treating various kinds of pains, and is especially effective on arthritis pains and backaches. Within minutes of using it, you will experience a huge improvement in your pains. Explosions of creative energy will overcome you along with some giggles. 

Kush in Motion
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