Tropic Exotic, a masterfully balanced hybrid strain (50% indica/50% sativa), emerges from the crossbreeding of the robust Clementine with a mysterious high-CBD strain. This formidable bud delivers a serene high, adorned with abundant medicinal benefits, ensuring a state of complete tranquility and painlessness from head to toe.

The onset of the high is gradual, initially igniting an energetic mental uplift that stimulates the mind and etches a broad smile across your face. The surge of creativity and sociability that follows makes you eager to engage in lively conversations with anyone nearby. As your cerebral boundaries expand, a gentle body high takes over, soothing every inch yet leaving you sufficiently agile for physical activities. Commonly selected for its therapeutic prowess, Tropic Exotic is effective against a spectrum of ailments including chronic fatigue, inflammation, persistent pain, muscle spasms, arthritis, and depression.

The flavour profile of this strain is a complex tapestry of sweet and sour, blending floral notes with the lusciousness of mango and the tartness of kiwi, complemented by a hint of green apple pine aroma. Visually, Tropic Exotic is striking, with minty green, conical buds adorned with slender, long orange hairs and a lavish coat of golden-white crystal trichomes, exuding an exotic allure.

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